It’s finally starting to feel like spring around here!

Eli and I went for a walk this evening on the trail, to enjoy the warmer weather.  (Our high was in the upper 40s today, which feels warm after low 30s.)  We didn’t go very far, because we’re both out of shape.  Eli’s worse than me; at least I’ve been able to go to the gym and ice skating.

As I was walking I realized that the world doesn’t look that much different than last week.  The grass is still brown and dormant.  There are still pockets of snow frozen to ice, in the pools of shade under trees.  The trees themselves are still bare, waiting for leaves.

The warmth makes a difference, though, and there are subtle signs that winter is in decline.  Cardinal calls fill the air, loud and insistent.  The river is once again flowing, although the water level is still low.  I even saw a bluebird, a species that leaves our area for warmer climes in the winter.  (Of course, it was chased off by a junco, a species that is only here in winter.)

It was nice to get outside, stretch all six of our legs, and breathe in the fresh air.  Here’s hoping it lasts for a while!


Stop Thinking!

I’m in professional training this week for work.  I have writing and presentation assignments due later this week, and when I got done with the sessions today all the hamsters in my brain were racing in their wheels.

Needless to say, I was a bit stressed.

Fortunately, my mom suggested going for a walk (a good idea after sitting all day, and also a good way to get my mind going).  I also know that my brain sometimes works best when the problem is in the back, not the front, of my mind.  I got one of the assignments drafted after my walk; much like some of my story, it seemed to appear whole and intact all at once.  That helped me relax about it, which should also help me focus on the other (bigger) assignment for later in the week.

I might sneak in a little synopsis work in there as well.

Deadlines and Accountability

Looming deadlines are sometimes the only thing that makes me finish a project.  For example, the first piece of With Honor has to be posted on January 2nd.  Guess what I will be doing a lot of in the next few weekends?  That’s right, writing.  🙂  When I was writing Butterflies, my First Readers’ Club pestered me at the beginning of every week to see if I had written any more chapters.  That gave me mini-deadlines every week: write at least one chapter or deal with unhappy friends.

I am very bad when it comes to self-control, especially if it means doing something I don’t like (like exercising).  Having an external force to keep me accountable helps a great deal.  Therefore, blogging means that I will write at least a little almost everyday.  Today I found a way to force myself to exercise, too.  I walked to work. 

The only step that requires my personal drive is leaving in the morning.  As long as I can get out of bed in time, I have motivation in the mornings.  Once I’ve left, there is no choice after that.  Finish the walk and get to work on time, walk home.  Guaranteed workout!

So thank you for keeping me accountable to my writing, and providing a fun source of deadlines (if you’re reading Serial Central)!