The Last Two (and an extra!)

Tonight I sent the last two queries for this year’s query goal of 10.  While I was perusing agency websites, I found three that I liked, so I figured I’d send an extra.

When you are sending queries, it’s recommended to direct your submission to a specific agent, if possible.  Some agencies are just one agent; if that’s the case, things are easy.  Many multiple-agent literary agencies have bios of their agents on their websites, usually including what each one is specifically looking for.  As I looked back over my 2013 queries, I realized that a majority of them went to female agents.  Since Dragon is about a strong female main character, it makes sense.

I can’t officially claim that I’ve reached my goal for the year, since sending queries is different from getting rejections and my goal was 10 rejections.  (Of course, if I end up with an agent, that would be good, too!)  I have, however, taken all the steps I can to reach the goal.  Now it’s just a matter of patience, and as usual, I’ll let you know!.

I also realized that I haven’t updated you since my last submission, so I should also tell you that I got two more rejections in the last month.

Here’s the count to date:

Query Count 2013: Rejections: 8, Pending: 3, Still to Send: 0.

Time for more query letters!

Now that life is rolling back towards normal, I decided to work on a couple of my 2013 goals.  I went jogging, to work towards my target weight, but you don’t really care about that.

No, what you care about is that I sent two more query letters tonight!

I had a whole row of tabs across the top of my web browser, each with an agency website loaded, so I could decide who I should query next.  I ended up submitting to two agencies with a similar response time, of about three weeks.  One I’m very excited about, because they are closed to queries more often than they are open, so it was a no-brainer to snag the opportunity when I had it!

Now comes the fun waiting (again) but at least I’m working on it.  I’ve also decided that if I hit my goal of 10 before September, I will increase the goal number for the year!

As always, I will keep you posted.

Query Count 2013: Rejections: 6, Pending: 2, Still to Send: 2.


And Now, a Brief Update

I got another rejection letter for Dragon today.  This one was very polite, and like others before, the Query Count 2013 made the impact less painful.

That means it’s time to look for a couple more agents to query – after my two snowed-in days it will be nice to have a little project for this evening!   (I probably should have spent some of my forced downtime writing, but I alternated between reading and watching television.)

Looking back, it appears that I forgot to tell you about rejection #5 – it came quick, the next day after the query was sent.  That puts the current Query Count 2013 at Rejections: 6, Pending: 0, Still to Send: 4.

On a vaguely related note, I did spend some time this afternoon working on the design for the dragon tatoo I am considering…  🙂

Quick Query Update

Tonight will be a really quick update!  I sent two more queries tonight, both with fairly quick response times.  It’s kind of interesting to review agency websites, trying to decide who to query.

So here is the current Query Count 2013: Rejections: 4, Pending: 2, Still to Send: 4.

Hey look!  Still to Send is below half – I’m actually making progress on the goal for the year.

More Tally Marks

As of today we are past the deadline for two pending queries, both of which were of the “respond only if interested” type.  That means it’s time to add a couple of tally marks to the list of rejections and no responses.

We are now standing at the following count – Rejections: 4, Pending: 0, Still to Send: 6.

See that lovely zero,next to pending?  This weekend it’s time to send a couple more query letters!  I have to work tomorrow, to make up the day I lost on my adventure earlier this week.  After that I’ll pull out the stack of index cards and peruse my agency options.  🙂

That Was Fast!

I already received a response from the query I sent yesterday!  (As you probably guessed, it was a rejection.)

It’s pretty impressive that I got a response so quickly, honestly.  I didn’t let the rejection bother me, because I can count it towards my 10 for the year.

I also took the opportunity to send another query letter tonight.  I don’t like to have more than two or three queries active at a time; there’s no particular reason, that’s just my preference.

Time for another count!  Rejections: 2, Pending: 2, Still to Send: 6.

Query Sent!

Just a quick post tonight: I sent another query letter!

For those following along with the 10 Rejections in 2013, that makes the count Rejections: 1, Pending: 2, Still to Send: 7.

This one should be a quick response, so it’s possible that by the end of the month I’ll have a couple more rejections to count. Or maybe, if I’m lucky, the next step to an agent!  🙂


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