Goal Complete!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Query Count 2013: I have received the tenth rejection letter for Dragon for the year!

There may be some of you thinking that I’m strange for being happy about a negative response.  At the beginning of the year I decided to remove the teeth from rejection.  Yes, the bite of a “no thanks” still stings, but it no longer has the power to leave me bleeding and anxious.

How did I do this magic, you may ask?  Some of you already know that I set a goal of ten rejection letters this year.  That way each letter, while still a negative, also had a positive side.  I got to make a little tick on the goal sheet, making the “no” something at least a little bit more desirable,

If you remember my last query update, I do still have one pending letter because I sent one more than I needed to reach the goal.  Regardless of the results of that letter, I at least met my goal for 2013.

Now I need to figure out what my publishing-related goal will be for 2014.

Query Count 2013: Rejections: 10, Pending: 1, Still to Send: 0

NaNo Warm-Ups

NaNoWriMo is a writing marathon.  It’s hard work putting out over 1600 words a day, every day, for an entire month.  Your creativity, your commitment, even your typing fingers are challenged.  (And much like a marathon, most of those competing aren’t worried about being first or best; they just want to finish.)

Today I realized that, except for the occasional writing practice and one or two small sections of Mara, I haven’t written in months.  Months.  To continue the metaphor, this seems a little bit like a runner taking the summer off and then deciding to start running again by completing a marathon.  While the goal of using competition and pressure to coerce the activity seems reasonable, it’s maybe not a good idea to go in completely out of shape.

With that in mind, I am now planning to utilize the next three weeks for some training and warm-ups.  Some of my writing exercises will stay scribbled in the notebook next to my bed, while others will likely end up as writing practice blog posts.  Either way, it will be nice to stretch my creative muscles a bit and limber up for the big challenge to come.

How are you getting ready for NaNo?

**Tiny query update!  I got another rejection today, putting Query Count 2013 at Rejections: 9, Pending: 2, Still to Send: 0.

The Last Two (and an extra!)

Tonight I sent the last two queries for this year’s query goal of 10.  While I was perusing agency websites, I found three that I liked, so I figured I’d send an extra.

When you are sending queries, it’s recommended to direct your submission to a specific agent, if possible.  Some agencies are just one agent; if that’s the case, things are easy.  Many multiple-agent literary agencies have bios of their agents on their websites, usually including what each one is specifically looking for.  As I looked back over my 2013 queries, I realized that a majority of them went to female agents.  Since Dragon is about a strong female main character, it makes sense.

I can’t officially claim that I’ve reached my goal for the year, since sending queries is different from getting rejections and my goal was 10 rejections.  (Of course, if I end up with an agent, that would be good, too!)  I have, however, taken all the steps I can to reach the goal.  Now it’s just a matter of patience, and as usual, I’ll let you know!.

I also realized that I haven’t updated you since my last submission, so I should also tell you that I got two more rejections in the last month.

Here’s the count to date:

Query Count 2013: Rejections: 8, Pending: 3, Still to Send: 0.

Let the Fun Begin!

On July 22 I decided that I would restart my efforts to blog daily, and that once we hit the first of August, I would post something every day until the end of the year.

Today is August 1; let the fun begin!

I’ve done a pretty good job of posting since the decision was made, starting the process of reestablishing the habit, and I’m optimistic that I can maintain it.  I already have a couple of post ideas for the next few days, and writing has gotten easier as I do it every day.  (That’s the reason “they” tell you to journal, after all.  The more you write, the easier it becomes.)

In addition to starting the daily once again, today also marks the end of the three-week window on the last two query letters.  I plan to give it a few more days before I send some more, but I think we can officially count them as rejections.  You know what that means: time for an update on Query Count 2013!

Query Count 2013: Rejections: 8, Pending: 0, Still to Send: 2.

I’m looking forward to investing a little more time in Leigh the author in the next few months!

Time for more query letters!

Now that life is rolling back towards normal, I decided to work on a couple of my 2013 goals.  I went jogging, to work towards my target weight, but you don’t really care about that.

No, what you care about is that I sent two more query letters tonight!

I had a whole row of tabs across the top of my web browser, each with an agency website loaded, so I could decide who I should query next.  I ended up submitting to two agencies with a similar response time, of about three weeks.  One I’m very excited about, because they are closed to queries more often than they are open, so it was a no-brainer to snag the opportunity when I had it!

Now comes the fun waiting (again) but at least I’m working on it.  I’ve also decided that if I hit my goal of 10 before September, I will increase the goal number for the year!

As always, I will keep you posted.

Query Count 2013: Rejections: 6, Pending: 2, Still to Send: 2.


Back and… well, not rested, but at least back

It’s the first day of May, and I said I would return to the world of blogging.

Like all breaks, this one would have benefitted from a little bit more time.  I didn’t end up getting to rest my brain as much as I would have liked, and I really did very little writing-related stuff, but at least I spared you from the drivel that would have poured out of my ears during that time.  (I was a touch stressed last week…)

Here’s where everything stands:

Query Count 2013: Rejections: 6, Pending: 0, Still to Send: 4.  That’s right, I haven’t sent any query letters while on my break.  But if the goal is ten, and I’ve gotten six at the beginning of May, I’m somewhat ahead for the year.

The only update I have about the Butterflies overhaul is that the timeline fell off of the wall.  Nothing exciting, but I have been turning to Mara and her tale to help quiet my brain when work-related noise won’t leave me be.  I have a couple of ideas now that I hope to write up soon.

And what about the two big work projects?  I got one completed, and the other one is barely started.  The first project took longer than anticipated, plus we’ve had a round of sickness and injuries in my office, which meant I had to pick up tasks for a few of my team.  At least I made the deadline for project one, and the project two deadline was extended.  (It’s nice when you’re the one setting the deadline…)

I should be getting back to normal (maybe) so hopefully I can get back in the swing of things!  (Thank you again for your patience!)

And Now, a Brief Update

I got another rejection letter for Dragon today.  This one was very polite, and like others before, the Query Count 2013 made the impact less painful.

That means it’s time to look for a couple more agents to query – after my two snowed-in days it will be nice to have a little project for this evening!   (I probably should have spent some of my forced downtime writing, but I alternated between reading and watching television.)

Looking back, it appears that I forgot to tell you about rejection #5 – it came quick, the next day after the query was sent.  That puts the current Query Count 2013 at Rejections: 6, Pending: 0, Still to Send: 4.

On a vaguely related note, I did spend some time this afternoon working on the design for the dragon tatoo I am considering…  🙂

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