The Conflict of Passion and Restraint

I have very strong opinions on a variety of subjects.  I’ve always read non-fiction and cared about science, but recently I’ve been adding news, politics, and current events to my list of interests.  Courtesy of this, there are many things that I want to share with the world.  In fact, I wrote a little article this afternoon about one of those subjects.

It will never be posted on this blog, however, or anywhere.

Why, you ask?  If I’m so passionate about something that I feel it’s necessary to write about it, why not share it with the world?

Beside the fact that the topic is not really pertinent to this blog, I know that there are lots of people with lots of different opinions in this world.  Some of them are my friends and family.  Some are strangers, readers, and people who I don’t need to offend.  Knowing this, I find that a bit of restraint is important.

Writing something so I can get the passionate argument out of head is important.  So is keeping it on my own computer rather than shoving it in the faces of others.  When I feel the need to discuss one of these subjects, I find someone who knows and shares my general opinion, or at least someone who is willing to discuss it rationally and logically.

It’s a matter of balance, of finding a way to resolve the conflict of passion and restraint.