Officially Electronic

My parents gave me a Nook for my birthday.  As my mom knew I was on the fence about an e-reader, she asked me first before purchasing it.  I think this might be the second or third time she’s offered it as a gift, but the first time I didn’t immediately say no.  Honestly, I had to think about my answer for about a day.  (That’s the reality of being on the fence, after all.)

Obviously I decided to join the e-reader revolution and go for it.  After pondering the pros (easy access to books, recommendations from some of you) and the cons (I really like the feel and smell of books), what finally decided me is the library.

That’s right, the library.

My local library has electronic copies of books that can be checked out for use on an e-reader.  I haven’t learned how to do it yet (I just got the Nook yesterday) but a friend of mine tells me that it’s pretty straightforward.  With my current Wheel of Time quest, I figured it was an even easier way to get the next book quickly.

As a bonus, while I was reading the owner’s manual (the only thing that came already installed) a free copy of Pride and Prejudice appeared on my e-reader!  I haven’t read it yet (go ahead and give me grief if you want) but now I don’t have any excuse.  🙂


Blogging After Midnight

As I was leaving my apartment yesterday for my birthday evening plans, I realized that I had not yet blogged for the day.  For half a second I thought about writing something, but my process takes a bit more time than I was willing to commit when I was already leaving later than planned.  (Thanks for breaking at the best possible time, kitchen sink.  Nothing like cleaning up a giant wet mess on your birthday!)

One of my friends suggested that I just write when I got home.  While I acknowledged the suggestion, I knew it wouldn’t work.  Why?  Partly because it was likely that I wouldn’t be in the right frame of mind for writing after celebrating, but mostly because I suspected I wouldn’t be home before midnight.

If you post something after midnight, it counts for the next day.  Thus, even if I had been in a writing mood when I got home (which I most definitely wasn’t – I was in a crash and sleep mood), it wouldn’t have helped anyway.

So I made it 9 days into my goal before I missed a day.  Today I’ll post two (again, doesn’t really count, but it’s good practice) and do my best to avoid missing any more!

I should have prepared better…


I should have posted this last night (Tues), so he would have seen it this morning (Wed).  Ah, well, this way he’ll get a little more celebration tomorrow.  🙂

I guess it gets to be a lesson in timing.  Hope everyone has a great day, including you, Dad!

Wait! Where’s the Birthday Challenge?

For the past two years, I’ve done a Blog Birthday Challenge, where the goal is to see how many hits I can get on my birthday.  To coincide with this, I post two or three new posts as well.

Today, on my birthday, I drove past the hospital where I was born at almost exactly the time I was born.   At that moment I realized that I forgot to do a birthday challenge this year.

The real reason is simple: I forgot.  However, there are many other pieces that go into it.  I moved less than a month ago.  I jumped in feet-first in the busy season at a new job, and almost immediately added another role to my job.  We had a major event at work this week, too, which means that work has been looming larger than usual (I hope).

On top of that, the purpose of the Birthday Challenge in previous years has been to try to bring new readers to my blog.  Friends tell friends, readers tell people they know, and new folks come to visit, at least for the day.  Within the last six months or so, my blog has been growing slowly but steadily in followers.  (Thanks!!)  It means that the Birthday Challenge is still fun, but less necessary.

If you missed the Birthday Challenge, or at the very least the cool posts that go along with it, please accept my apologies.  I’ll try to get some birthday-caliber posts up within the week, just for you.

A Birthday Wish


Today is my sister’s birthday.  She reads my blog, and I wanted to give her a greeting when she came to visit today.

Thank you for helping me send her good wishes.  I’ll get my usual post up later.  🙂

Birthday Challenge Conclusion

I will give you a new, longer post later, but I wanted to post a quick total for those who are coming back to see how you did.

Thanks for your support on my birthday!  Final count: 420 hits, and a whole bunch of comments!  Thank you!!!!

Birthday Challenge Part 2

Thank you for checking out my blog and participating in my Birthday Challenge!!  Tomorrow I will post the final count for the day, so come back and find out how we did!

If it is your first time here, welcome!  Feel free to explore and check out all the fun stuff – it’s sorted on the side by type of post, or you can pick a date at random and see what I wrote.

For those of you who have been here before, I know you want to find all the new stuff.  So check out the post “Apparition of Myth” below; it’s a poem I wrote in college but happen to love.  I have also added a Novel Synopses page, with the description of The Queen’s Butterflies,  and increased the info on my About page. 

I hope that you enjoy, and perhaps come back again!  And THANK YOU for helping meet the Birthday Challenge and making my day.  Check back tomorrow for today’s total hits!

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