I have been writing sporadically for the last month.  You don’t want my excuses for why I haven’t been consistent about writing (or blogging), so I’m not going to give them to you.

Instead, I am going to give you a solution that I stumbled across for an irritating gnat of a challenge I was struggling to shake.

Seasons.  The solution is seasons.

My main character spends three years training with her mentor.  I don’t want to write the entire training in detail, for numerous reasons.  Instead, I’m doing little vignettes; only some specific training makes an appearance, but we see her progress over the course of these moments.

The gnat is, of course, how to tie them together and make it more coherent than just a series of little snapshots.  And the solution is seasons.

At least for the first year of her training, I’m going to have each vignette occur in a different season.  She starts in the fall, she has a major accident in winter, she makes a discovery in spring… you get the idea.  I don’t think that I have a full dozen of these vignettes in my head, or that my readers want that much detail, so we will likely make a time leap after the first year.  As there are already a couple in her story, it won’t be too jarring.

I’m really excited about this seasons idea!

Would you like a bonus?  I posted a tiny excerpt from the summer training section to my Facebook page if you want to check it out!