Writing Early

Sometimes you have to be flexible.

Today my routine has been flipped on its head.  My workout partner has to be at work early this morning, so we’re postponing our swim until this evening (which will interfere with, or at least limit, my time for writing).  Since I’ve been getting up early to work out, I figured I’d leave the alarm set for its usual time and write this morning instead.

There was a small part of me that was concerned that disrupting the routine would disrupt the writing.  I don’t know that the concern was entirely baseless – I only wrote a little bit, filling in a gap I had intentionally left earlier – but I was able to write something, at least.  (I wrote a description of a kitchen, to replace my placeholder of KITCHEN DESCRIPTION HERE.)

I had to put in the placeholder because my brain did not want to picture the kitchen when I originally wrote the scene, and I wanted to finish getting what was in my head down on paper before the library closed.  This can actually work to my benefit from time to time, letting my creativity mull over something in the background while I do other things.

I’m not sure how good my early morning writing turned out (we’ll see when I do the next basic edit) but at least I filled in that gap and kept my writing habit going.



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