When Pieces Fall Into Place

I love it when pieces of a story fall into place naturally.

Since I’m greatly expanding the story of my first novel, there are several necessary adjustments that have to be made to the original plot.  The big concepts and major moments are still there, but lots of small detail pieces are getting tweaked.  Fortunately, the scene I just wrote helps a few of those pieces settle into a good spot.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m realigning some timeline elements to make things more age-appropriate for the characters and bring their three stories more in line with each other.  Because of this, one of my characters needs a new way to meet her mentor.  She’ll be older now when the woman comes into her life, and less trusting, so the original meeting is not going to work.

Today I wrote a fun scene where the character is introduced to someone who will be a weekly fixture in the girl’s life.  Everyone calls this character Mama, so to keep things simple, I will, too.  Mama is well-connected and a pillar of her own community (slightly seedy as it is), and I’ve decided that she will provide the introduction between our girl and her mentor.  I haven’t worked out all the details, but it both bridges the challenge of trust and resolves another issue of location.

My original plan for this rewrite was to give each of the three girls about 20,000 words, plus an additional 10,000 or so for two additional, less important characters at the end.  Even with some time skips (one of which is about to come up, in two scenes or so), this current story is on track to be at least 25,000 of its own.  It will be interesting to see if the other two girls can carry the same, or if the stories end up a little uneven.

Here’s hoping the continuing tweaks and adjustments can work out as easily as this one!


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