Tuesday Night is… Reading Night?

My work schedule has been very strange this week – switched up days, mostly, with days off and days working all rearranged.  Due to this, my brain isn’t really aware of what day it is, even though I can look at a calendar and see that it’s Tuesday.

Tonight I decided to forgo writing, partially because my writing inspiration is out of whack with the schedule, and instead finish reading a book that was due back to the library yesterday (another casualty of my weird schedule combined with an above-average amount of social plans).    I finished it, mostly, although I did skim the last chapter, and picked up another book I had requested.  The number of waiting books in my stack has not gotten smaller, although the books themselves are slimmer.

My schedule is (relatively) back to normal this week, so I should return to my usual writing night next Tuesday.  “Should” is the operative word in that sentence.  🙂