Outside the Library Window

On Tuesdays, I write at my local library.  I got into the habit during NaNo, and you have to admit, it’s a pretty good choice.  My nearest branch is open until 9pm; unlike a coffee shop, I don’t have to buy anything to sit here; and the chairs are pretty comfortable.

I come to the library after work, and food, and a change of clothes, so I usually arrive around 7pm or so.  The giant windows that I sit near have always looked out into a dark night, holding reflections of the well-lit building behind me.  I had spotted bushes near the window, but not much else.

Tonight is a different story.  With Daylight Saving Time and the arrival of “spring” (it snowed here today, so the scare quotes are legitimate), I now have a view of the scenery outside of the windows.  My preferred table is near a post, so my view is obstructed; still, a view is a view.

Our weather today is miserable and grey, and the aforementioned snow is still dusting everything.  There’s a small lawn leading to an odd little ravine.  Given the brown stalks of cattails and reeds, I suspect it holds water when the weather is warmer.  To my immediate right is a stand of about a dozen trees, all still starkly bare, with complicated trunks rising in clusters of three or four.

Beyond the ravine I can see the corner of a school, and beyond that a house.  If I lean forward to peer around the pillar, the playground of another school is visible.  There are other homes near that, which I can spot from my usual semi-reclined position.

Fortunately for me, the view just above my computer screen is that of chairs and tables inside the library.  The curve of the wall narrows what I can see of the windows, limiting them to indecipherable slices of glass between the black metal frames.

I like looking around when I need inspiration, but distraction in the midst of thought is not my friend.  When it warms up, and there is movement and life outside these windows, I will be thankful that the best views are outside my peripheral vision.

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