Routine Reset

Last week’s technical challenge threw my writing routine off.  My brain had gotten ahead by several scenes, so I had lots to write, and then the opportunity slipped.  The scenes are still there, but cloudy.

Tonight, in addition to the cloudy scenes, I also had to work late (which meant a later start at the library).  Changes in the writing routine make writing more work, as anyone who’s been in the same boat will tell you.

Instead of giving up, or forcing the words to come, I gave myself a reset.  A few weeks ago I did a rough edit of the first section of the story.  Tonight I went back to where I left off with that, and did another rough edit.  It got my brain back in the story, fixed a few wording issues, and filled my writing time.

Here’s hoping I can get back on track and write a scene (or two!) next week!