World Building Details

When you write fantasy, you run into all kinds of details that require decisions and creativity.

In expanding the story that I’m currently working on, I’ve had to think of a variety of details that were glossed over in the first incarnation.  I changed where the girl was being kept, from an empty warehouse into a laundry.  That meant establishing the routine of the laundry, the layout, the technology (however primitive), and so on.

Then I had to find a way for her to get clothes once she escaped.

Now I’m working on currency.  There are many considerations with currency, from what it’s called to how it’s subdivided, how it’s used to who generally carries what.  If I use a real form of currency (whether or not it’s still in use), I add baggage and layers to the story that I might not want.  It’s been a bit more involved than I expected, but I think I have it figured out.

I’m sure there are more details that will end up posing similar challenges – that’s part of being a writer.

(On a side note, my tablet has quit talking to its external keyboard, and typing at my usual pace is very frustrating on a touch screen keyboard. There will be no story efforts tonight!)