More Words

My current project invites comparison.  The first novel I ever completed, The Queen’s Butterflies, has a lot of potential but mostly it just has a lot… of stories, of characters, of time, all crammed into one novel.  I am taking all of that and expanding it into a series of books.  Right now it looks like it will be a trilogy, but that has yet to be determined.

The good and bad of this project are basically the same thing.  I get to go into more detail with the characters and the stories, but that means I need to go into more detail.  It’s taken a lot for me to finally get the inspiration to do so.

The main story follows three girls who are all born at the same time, during a lunar eclipse, and who eventually end up training and working together.  In the original, we saw snippets of their childhoods – just enough to see the shape of their stories, but not much more.

I’m now working on telling their growing-up tales, in a book I’m calling Blood Moon Born.  I’ve started with the girl who is eventually called Mara, although I suspect she won’t be first in the book when all is said and done.  A significant event happens when she is six years old.  Beyond this point, I won’t be able to do much direct comparison between the new and old books.  I’m changing the timelines pretty significantly, to both better align them with one another and to make their ages more believable.  (Let’s face it; no matter how smart or strong or amazing, there are some things that an eight-year-old can’t realistically do.)

However, since the significant event is still happening at nearly the same age, I can compare the two books up to that point.  I pulled out all of the bits of Butterflies about Mara, up to and including the event, and copied them into their own document.  Total approximate word count: 2100.

Last week I finished the significant event in Blood Moon.  Total approximate word count now?  7200 words.

There are a few more words in Mara’s story now, and a lot more details.


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