Tuesday Night is Writing Night

Today is Tuesday, and Tuesday night is writing night.  Therefore, I am at my local library, having just finished tonight’s writing.

During NaNo 2017, I discovered that my local library is an excellent place to write.  It’s quiet, it has work tables with comfy chairs, and best of all, it’s not my apartment.  Without chores and entertainment to distract me, I’m much more productive in my writing.

In addition, Tuesday evenings are pretty open for me (barring a work conflict, but those are rare this time of year).  So shortly after the start of 2018, I decided that I would come to the library to write on Tuesdays.

There are two great things about having a writing routine.  If it’s a routine, you’re more likely to stick to it.  It’s basically a habit.  For me that means I don’t get by with procrastinating – I actually hold myself to writing once a week.

The second great thing is that if your creativity knows that you’re going to need it to do some work, it will often oblige.  This is the same concept behind journaling at a set time every day.  Sooner or later you’ll have more and more productive journaling sessions, thanks to the priming of practice.

Thus, Tuesday night writing night.  It’s working so far – every week the amount of writing I get done has increased.

I think Tuesday nights will also be blogging nights, so if you’re looking for new stuff, now you know when to look.  🙂


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