In reading through what I had previously written in Mara’s Tale, I discovered this lovely little gem of a sentence:

The woman had been handed enough infants to know that they should be squally and messy, unformed things that had incessant needs and provided nothing but noise and trouble.  

My thought on reading that sentence was simple.  It was obvious that I had written it, since that pretty much sums up my opinion of babies.  (I’ve mentioned before that I like kids, but only once they are old enough to tell me what they need.)  I wanted to share that sentence with my friends, but I am not sure it would be well-received amongst my social media crowd.  Right now many of my cohort are growing offspring or raising them (or both), and my personal Facebook feed is full of pregnancy announcements and baby pictures.

It’s no surprise that I didn’t finish the section when Mara is an infant before.  While this part of her life is important as back story, it’s not that exciting for me as a writer.  I’m really glad that I finished filling those baby gaps over the weekend, so I can move on to the more interesting parts of her story.  I have two more major spaces left when she’s four, but at that point I can write from her point of view and let her developing personality show.