NaNo Update, Day 1

As in previous years, I am aware that you (probably) don’t want my blog to deteriorate into a daily NaNo blow-by-blow.  Thus, I will continue the tradition of years past.  I will post a weekly NaNo update and utilize the experience of NaNo to provide new material for writing about writing during the rest of the week.

(I do have a quick question for you.  Last year I also did a weekly piece of NaNo advice.  Should I do the same this year?)

So far today I have accomplished much with Mara’s Tale, but that has not necessarily translated into a high word count.  I started today with something I should have done before November, reading through and cleaning up the existing material as well as making a list of the gaps I left during previous writing.  There are also a few other good ideas that came from this effort, too, but right now they are just notes on a page (and those words don’t count, either).

I also managed to fill in one of those gaps, finishing a scene that had previously hit a wall.  That’s where today’s initial word count of 822 comes from.  I’m taking a little break right now, to do some research and to let an idea process, and I’ll be going back to writing a bit later.  There is one more gap I’d love to fill today, if possible.  If I do get that hole bridged, it will mean that the first four years of Mara’s life will be complete.  It should also mean that I’m at (or hopefully past) par for today.

Best of luck on your own November Adventure, be it NaNo or otherwise. 🙂