Seeing the World Differently

A friend of mine offered a suggestion for a post yesterday, based on an adventure we had a couple of days ago.  It was a logical suggestion, but the most interesting thing that came from the conversation was a discovery that we approach writing in two very different ways.

First, a little background.  We went to the shooting range over the weekend, which was a new experience for me.  I had never shot a gun before (except a dart gun in a college class).  He suggested that I think about that trip as a potential basis for a story.

I explained at this point that I do, in fact, need to physically experience my stories in order to write them.  However, those are more often fights, like the dragon battle scene that my sister and I “choreographed” in the swimming pool.

It turns out that he starts with a scenario, like walking through a park at night or visiting a pawn shop, and then develops a character that fits into the scene.  It’s a “what kind of person would…” form of writing, and while I understand it intellectually, my creative side doesn’t get it.  My characters come first, and then I follow them around to see what scenarios they get into.

Of course, when I told him that my characters talk in my head, his response was to ask, “Have you told that to a professional?”  Obviously my form of inspiration is foreign to his creativity.  🙂


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