Reading the words that don’t count

There are about 11,000 words in Mara’s Tale already.  While I am fully committed to being a NaNo rebel due to these words, I am not going to count them towards my total.  I am going to write 50,000 new words in November.

I do, however, need to see what’s already there.  It’s been a while since I’ve looked at them, much less written anything.

There are several scenes I am excited to write.  I know there are at least two that I didn’t finish, because I got stuck in the middle and didn’t want to force it.  I have yet to decide if I’m going to work chronologically this time or go with the flow.  Since I already know what happens (at least overall, if not in specifics) it’s tempting to try to work out-of-order.  The benefit is that I can write what seems fun at the time; the downside is going back and linking it all!

Here’s hoping that a quick review of the existing material helps me get my thoughts in line.  I’ll pay a visit to the giant timeline in my spare room, too, just to get the juices flowing.  I need to get this girl talking again if she’s going to carry me through this year’s NaNo!