Maybe Not a Good Idea…

The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy for me at work, much like the last couple.  One good thing about that is I have a long weekend right at the beginning of November.  That means I can start NaNo with lots of time to work, and maybe get a decent chunk of Mara’s Tale written.

All of that said, I just did something kind of dumb.  I requested the next book in the Wheel of Time series from the library.

My library makes it really convenient to request books.  There are several branches, but they all share the same online catalog.  Put a hold on a book, and as soon as it is available they ship it to the branch of your choice.  That means all I have to do is log on to my library account (my card number is taped to my computer for this very reason) and click “place a hold” on the listing.  Then I show up at the closest branch and grab my book.  It’s very simple, and in this case, kind of stupid.

Yes, I’ve said twice that requesting a book was a poor decision.  Are you questioning this statement?  There is no way I’ll get it done by November 1, and once November hits NaNo becomes a somewhat more pressing demand on my time.  In addition, I typically avoid reading fiction while writing, so even if I do have time to read occasionally during NaNo I should probably stick to non-fiction.

Even writing all of this, I haven’t talked myself out of the hold request.  You never know, I could make it through 700 or so pages in two weeks.  🙂

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