Writing Practice

In preparation for NaNo, I am going to give myself specific assignments for my descriptive writing practice.  Tonight the assignment is a walled garden.

The slight elevation of the patio provided a splendid view of the garden, and a short staircase gave the viewer passage.  A sinuous path began at the base of the stairs, curving invitingly into the greenery.  Its surface was covered in crushed pale rock, unmarred by even a single stray weed.  Near the patio, the path was bordered with immaculately trimmed grass, but as it continued toward the rear of the garden the height of the plantings grew, creating an elegant gradient.

Next to the trail, the lawn merged perfectly into beds filled with low shrubs, their branches so decadently leafed that the mulch below was nearly invisible.  Deeply green and smoothly lobed, these leaves gave way to waist-high bushes of variegated green, covered in tiny blossoms.  The first were white, shading ever so slightly darker until they reached the deep purple flowers of the next layer of plants.  The rich perfume of these was easy to enjoy, with the flowers hanging near to head height.  Tall, narrow evergreens, closely spaced, were the backdrop for the entire garden.  They concealed the thick stone wall at the rear as well as perfectly framing the wooden door that was the final destination of the path.

Outside of the beds, swaths of lawn held tiny gathering spaces.  To the right, a metal scrollwork table with a pair of matching chairs sat beneath the outstretched arms of an ancient oak.  On the left, where the evergreens continued their march along the wall, the grass led to a serene little fountain flanked by three stone benches identical in color to the path.   Invisible but not unnoticed, the latticework below the patio was covered in vines which held large, fragrant blooms.

The three young women noticed none of it as they took their usual seats on the patio.  With repeated viewing, the garden had lost its ability to surprise them, and recent events held much more urgency at the moment.


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