Book Nerd

“Hey, Leigh, you like books.  Do you want to take care of the library?”

The club VP who asked me that must have been joking, because when I answered, “Sure” his response was surprised.  It didn’t really take me much thought, though.  I’ve taken care of book collections before, at a previous employer as well as my own, and this collection is relatively small.  Plus, really, all it takes is a spreadsheet and a little bit of my trunk space (for storage).

I enjoy books and I like spreadsheets (yes, I’m weird) so giving me a pile of books to manage is not really a hard task for me.  In fact, tonight I had fun going through the collection and making sure the old database was up to date.  I also added categories and sorted the books accordingly, to make it easier for people to find one they are interested in reading.  Now I’m trying to figure out a good storage container; I’d like to be able to simply haul in the bin and set it up on end for people to peruse, rather than unpacking and repacking it every meeting.

Yes, these are non-fiction books related to the general concept of the club, but they’re still books.  Several of them piqued my interest, and I may be borrowing them in the future.  That is the danger of being the librarian, I guess!



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  1. R. Hans Miller
    Oct 20, 2013 @ 16:55:13

    I LOVE books. I wish we had a collection at work that I could take care of.


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