Writing Practice

In preparation for NaNo, I am going to give myself specific assignments for my descriptive writing practice.  Tonight the assignment is to describe an outfit.  Clothing and I are not always writing pals.

His jaw dropped as she walked into the room.

Her hair had been freed from its usual tail, cascading down her shoulders in a profusion of red-gold curls.  A clip adorned with iridescent blue feathers caught just enough of her tresses to bare her right ear.  From the lobe hung a sapphire, a drop of pure blue suspended in a fine web of silver.  The smooth skin of her right shoulder was kissed only by curls.

From her left, shimmering blue silk fell in two directions.  It flowed loosely over her arm, swirling gracefully as she moved.  As it crossed her body, the fabric hugged her closely and silhouetted her curves.  Waves of cobalt fell from her hips, nearly reaching the floor near her left foot.  Delicate silver straps crisscrossed her instep and revealed perfectly painted toenails.  His eyes followed her hem back up, to where the blue silk stopped short of her right knee and exposed her shapely calf.   A giggle drew his eyes back to her face.  Mirth danced in vivid eyes the exact shade of her dress, framed by lush lashes, and a smile graced her strawberry lips.

“Like what you see, do you?” she asked in a playful tone.