Writing Practice

In preparation for NaNo, I am going to give myself specific assignments for my descriptive writing practice.  Tonight the assignment is to create and describe a bedroom.

She stood in the doorway and stared.  The room was not what she had expected.

The hardwood floor was covered with a plush rug worked in a pattern of red and gold swirls.  Where the floorboards were visible, their warm tone was polished to a glossy shine.  The heavy bedframe seemed made of the exact same wood, its honey-colored posts intricately carved with abstract loops and whorls.  A massive mattress was topped by a scarlet bedspread covered in detailed thread-of-gold embroidery and layered with a extravagance of pillows in several complimentary shades of crimson and burgundy.  Velvet curtains hung at the corners of the canopy, standing prepared to enclose the bed when she was ready to sleep.

Despite its size, the bed did not dominate the space, nor dwarf the remaining furnishings.  A stout table stood to either side of the bed, each topped with a small red cloth and a graceful golden lamp in the shape of a tree.  To her left, a bureau reached only to her waist but stretched nearly the length of the bed.  Across the room from the bed, a matching table was flanked by two armchairs.  At first their lush scarlet upholstery seemed out of place, but then she noticed the frames and legs made of the same wood and carved in a similar style as the rest of the room.

Feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of warm colors, her eyes sought the window on the far wall from where she stood.  It too was draped in scarlet and gold, but to her relief the curtains were pulled to the side.  A bench, of a piece with the rest of the room, was placed to encourage one to sit and gaze at the view.  Amazed by what she saw, she was more than happy to leave her luggage at the door, cross the room and oblige.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. deshipley
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 21:46:19

    Reminds me of the interior decoration of my Will Scarlet’s bedroom. He loves his red and gold! (:


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