Outline and Existing Material

Today I started an outline for Mara’s Tale (as I am calling my rebel NaNo novel).  I used the big time line I have on my wall, as well as pulling open what I already have.

I’m going to have to read through the existing stuff before NaNo.  I’d like to get a sense of what still needs to be written (answer: a lot) in order to be ready when it’s time to start accumulating words in November.

I don’t normally work from an outline, and I often don’t know where the story is going when I start.  One of the challenges I’ve had with this massive Butterflies project is that I’m building around existing material.  I know quite well what’s going to happen to this character, including novels that come after the first.  That’s why I decided to create an outline – perhaps being a little more organized with my thoughts and planning in advance will mean that I can make some headway in this book.

One of my goals for 2013 is to complete at least one novel for this project.  I don’t know if I’ll make it, but 50,000 words for NaNo would be a massive improvement.


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  1. Arphaxad
    Oct 07, 2013 @ 07:05:27

    If you want to do a timeline on your computer, more interactive, there is a NaNo sponsor offering such software: http://www.scribblecode.com/nanowrimo.html

    The current software is mac only, but they do have a windows beta version that is supposed to launch before NaNo. I have not tested it too much yet, but so far it looks really cool.

    Have fun!


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