Might as well run with it…

There is a good possibility that I’ll be speaking soon to a group I’m part of here in town.  The subject of the talk is something that I know quite a bit about, but it will be a new presentation for me.  (It’s not something I’ve pulled into a structured talk before.)  Since I haven’t officially been put on the schedule, I wasn’t planning to work on the presentation yet.

Today my brain got caught on the concept.  I’d made some basic notes before, but now my mind was adding details.  I decided not to fight it; there’s nothing else that is especially pressing (unless you count finishing a library book with a looming due date), so I ran with it.

I ended up working on it, alternating between the PowerPoint and the outline, for about two hours.  (!)  I’ve got the basic outline done, and added details to the first third of the presentation.

Sometimes it’s worth it to just go with the flow!