Going To the Dogs

Eli made me decide to write a post about dogs tonight, so I started thinking about dog-related idioms.  There are lots of sayings that include dogs, probably because much of human history has included dogs.  They are typically well-used, perhaps even overused, so tread lightly when using them in your writing.  (Having a character use one in conversation is better than using one yourself.)  Many of the sayings are unflattering to the dogs in question, but not all.  Here are some of the phrases I thought of:

Going to the dogs – declining in quality or moving towards chaos

Sick as a dog – really, really sick, usually including vomiting

Dog tired – worn out

Doggone – euphemism used to replace “damn it”

My dogs are tired (or my dogs are barking) – my feet hurt

Dog days – excessively hot and still weather, usually in August or early September (in the US)

Working like a dog – working very hard, usually due to necessity

Dog and pony show – a big production, typically overblown

Dog eat dog world – competitive, cutthroat situation

Do you have any other dog sayings?