Writing Practice

She took the stairs slowly, setting each foot precisely and gently transferring her weight.  Even with all of her care, there was a point when the angle of each knee would be unable to handle the pressure, sending pain lancing up through her thigh and down into her calf.  Straightening relieved some of the pain, although a dull ache had settled in on the right side long ago and its echo was growing on the left.

Sucking air through her teeth, she paused with both feet on one step.  She leaned against the wall, resting.  The stairs hadn’t been this difficult when only one knee was injured, but somehow she’d managed to damage the other while compensating for the first.  This trek couldn’t be good for either; if she’d had a choice, she would have stayed in bed.

Considering her predicament, she decided it might help if she adjusted her technique.  If she tipped side to side, she could shift enough to move to the next step without reaching the critical combination of bend and weight.  It would take her longer, but at this point she was willing to give up speed.  A tiny part of her brain pictured the ridiculous waddle she was using; she chuckled under her breath at the image.

At the bottom of the stairs, she sighed.  18 steps had nearly undone her.  Glancing back up, she gave a moment’s thought to how she was going to return to her apartment, but gave up the worry for the moment.  Sighing again, she gingerly walked out the door, careful to avoid the movement that caused her pain.


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