Things that eat my sleep

Five “work” nights in a row, and the first four ended in less sleep than I need.  Night five (tonight) is moving that way as well, so I am going to take a cheat and just use these silly sleep-eaters as my post.  (That way I can get to bed sooner, and hopefully lose less sleep.)

Here are the things that have nibbled at the edges of my rest this week:

– I received a call from a friend who is very much missed, and who deserved the nearly hour-long call that started just before bedtime

– Dance class and a project that needed to be done pushed back my evening routine, leading to a late bedtime.  Then I started reading (just for a few minutes) and suddenly I was an hour behind on my sleep!  (Books are dangerous like that.)

– I belatedly remembered that I had to make food for a potluck at work, which I combined with a late-night call to my sister.  The food and call started at bedtime and finished at “sleep time” and somehow I still needed to shower and blog!

– I finally got to bed early, put my book away ahead of schedule, and it looked like a promising night of catching up on sleep.  Then something unknown (a sound outside?  the dog licking my fingers?) woke me up at 3am, and the dog and my brain worked together to keep me awake for 45 minutes.  I think interrupted sleep is worse than shortened sleep.

And tonight?  I’m blogging at 10:45pm, 45 minutes past when I am usually in bed and reading.  Never trust a friend when he says “just a quick bite, it’ll only be an hour” – not going to happen!

There is a tiny writing lesson here.  If you need to prime a character to be in a bad mood because they haven’t got a lot of sleep, there are endless ways in which you can keep them from resting!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. deshipley
    Sep 13, 2013 @ 23:14:43

    I’ve noticed that it’s easy for my characters to slip into a bad mood when their author is feeling a little short on sleep… X)


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