Writing Practice

As he got to the end of the page, he realized that the room had fallen silent.  For the past half an hour, there had been the pleasant, quiet clicking of computer keys.  Now, nothing.

Glancing across the room, he almost couldn’t keep from chuckling.  She sat on the couch, computer on her lap, with her head upraised and cocked slightly to the left.  When she wrote, she bit the right side of her lower lip, mouth slightly open.  Now she had closed her mouth, forming a tight line with the left edge poking out.  Her eyebrows had raised, but the outside of the right pulled down, giving her two tiny vertical wrinkles between them.  The very edge of her nose tried to crinkle, and her eyes were fixed steadfastly on the seam between ceiling and wall.  The vacant look in them told him that her focus was not, in fact, on the wall, but very much inward.

He’d seen that look before, and he knew what was happening.  He waited a few more minutes before asking her, “Stuck?”

Blinking, her face returned to normal as she smiled at him.  “Little bit,” she said.

He chuckled, she grinned bigger, and both returned to the tasks in front of them.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. saracrawfordwritingblog
    Sep 05, 2013 @ 07:35:32

    I like this. It’s cool just to write little snippets to practice and stretch your writer muscles. You never know where they are going to go.


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