This is officially my 1000th post on this blog. 🙂

Thank you to those who’ve been following since July 2010.  Thank you to those who have joined us since!  If this is your first time, welcome and thanks for visiting.

I feel like I should do something cool for post #1000.  I don’t have anything new or exciting, but I do have an excerpt from Dragon Pendant for you.  Enjoy!


“Hey, Mom sent you something,” Carrie said, mildly surprised, as she tossed a padded envelope across the table.

Ann made a face.  “What on earth would she send me?”

“I don’t know.  Open it and find out.”  Carrie slit the top of an envelope with her manicured nail and pulled out a bill.  Ann watched for a moment before brushing an errant strand of hair off her face and turning over the padded mailer labeled prominently ‘Fragile’.  Pondering it as she passed it between her hands, Ann finally shrugged and stuck her bitten-off thumbnail under the flap of the envelope.

Once she tore it open, she pulled out a folded note.  As she skimmed through the contents, Carrie asked lightly, “What does it say?”

Instead of answering, Ann pushed on the folds of the envelope and carefully poured the contents onto the table.  A pewter pendant on a long chain gleamed dully back at them.  The two sisters looked at the dragon, wings outstretched, a perfectly smooth golden-colored gemstone grasped in its claws.

“It’s Grandma’s necklace,” Carrie said, her eyes wide.

Ann nodded and passed her the letter.  “She wanted me to have it.”

Carrie cleared her throat and read aloud using her ‘court voice’.

“Dear Ann, Hope you are well, blah, blah – okay, here’s the good part.  When your grandmother was ill, she made me promise to give you this necklace once you were old enough.  It was an heirloom from your grandfather’s family in the Old Country, and he had asked when you were born for it to eventually pass to you.  I had set it aside with her other belongings when she passed and just rediscovered it in the box of her jewelry while clearing out the closet.  As it is yours, I am sending it to you.  Please remember that it is irreplaceable and take special care of it.”

Ann snorted at the last line.  “She really doesn’t trust me with jewelry, does she?”

“Because you never wear any,” Carrie replied with a hint of scolding.  She set down the note, leaving the remaining words unread.  “Are you going to try it on?”

As Ann lifted the pendant off the table, she felt a slight pulse run through her hand and arm.  She glanced down at the dragon resting in the palm of her left hand.  The translucent stone seemed lit from within.  Delicately she touched the jewel with the very tip of her right middle finger, concerned about the glow but suddenly drawn to the necklace as if it was a missing part of her.  The stone seemed to pull her in; she couldn’t take her eyes off the pendant.

Without warning, Carrie snagged the chain and pulled the dragon out of Ann’s hand.   Ann instinctively growled low in her throat and tried to snatch it back.

“Calm down,” her sister said, oblivious to the depth of Ann’s violent reaction.  “I’m just going to fasten it for you.”

Ann felt a sudden point of warmth against her chest, keeping her from replying.  Carrie settled the dragon and fastened the chain. A weight Ann had never known was there suddenly lifted from her shoulders.  She breathed a deep sigh of unexpected relief, feeling for the first time as though her world was aligned, as if some key piece to her puzzle had fallen into place.  There was more to this family heirloom than she knew, but Ann was certain she would never take it off again.


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  1. johnlmalone
    Sep 03, 2013 @ 22:33:33

    congratulations. I think I’m up to 200. I can’t remember. But I admire your persistence. I wish we botha had more followers and received more comments. But you’re like me: you write because you want to and if people follow, good


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