Childlike Reading Habits

When I was a kid, I never read one book at a time.  I might have one book I was reading at school, another in the living room, a third by my bed, a fourth…  Well, you get the picture.  My usual number was three, the most I remember at once was six.  On top of that, I never used a bookmark, or marked my place in any way.  I just picked up the book, flipped to where I had stopped, and kept reading.

Of course, once I switched from young reader and young adult books to adult fiction, I had to start using a bookmark.  And I tried to stick to one book at a time.  (Occasional National Geographic breaks don’t count.)

I find myself falling back into the habits of my youth with the Nook.  It remembers where I am in a book, so I don’t need to use a bookmark.  I can flip back and forth between different books without a problem.  I’ve recently been alternating between Theodore Rex and Pride and Prejudice, with occasional forays into book samples when I feel like shopping.

It feels like a return to my childhood.