Grover Got Elected Twice

When I was a teen, my mentor would occasionally sing a funny song with all the US presidents in order by first name.  I didn’t learn the song, but one particular line stuck with me.

“For some unknown reason, Grover got elected twice.”

This is a reference to Grover Cleveland, who was elected our 22nd president, lost to Benjamin Harrison (23) and was then re-elected to be our 24th president.  He is the only president to date to serve two non-consecutive terms.

It’s amazing how facts put to music stick in our brains more effectively than facts that aren’t sing-able.  I have now learned the presidents in order thanks to a rap from a great CD that was put together for this exact reason.  (I’ve also learned the state capitals and the first 50 digits of pi from the same set of songs!)  As a kid I learned a song with the states in alphabetical order, and I still use the Animaniacs’ song Nations of the World to get through quizzes on my favorite quiz website.

Fortunately, people have taken advantage of this quirk of our brains and put together many songs to teach kids (and adults) the things that they need or want to know.

Any good songs you’ve used to learn information?