Officially Electronic

My parents gave me a Nook for my birthday.  As my mom knew I was on the fence about an e-reader, she asked me first before purchasing it.  I think this might be the second or third time she’s offered it as a gift, but the first time I didn’t immediately say no.  Honestly, I had to think about my answer for about a day.  (That’s the reality of being on the fence, after all.)

Obviously I decided to join the e-reader revolution and go for it.  After pondering the pros (easy access to books, recommendations from some of you) and the cons (I really like the feel and smell of books), what finally decided me is the library.

That’s right, the library.

My local library has electronic copies of books that can be checked out for use on an e-reader.  I haven’t learned how to do it yet (I just got the Nook yesterday) but a friend of mine tells me that it’s pretty straightforward.  With my current Wheel of Time quest, I figured it was an even easier way to get the next book quickly.

As a bonus, while I was reading the owner’s manual (the only thing that came already installed) a free copy of Pride and Prejudice appeared on my e-reader!  I haven’t read it yet (go ahead and give me grief if you want) but now I don’t have any excuse.  🙂