Die Honorably!

I was at a picnic today in a local park, and after our group had been there for a bit, a group of Live Action Role Players arrived in the park.

They were interesting to watch.  I watched mostly from a distance, and sporadically, so I’m not sure if they were creating/continuing a story or if they were just fighting in character.  Either way, they were battling with foam swords and shields, and several of them were in elaborate costumes.   I suspect from the general nature of what I saw that it was a fairly casual gathering of this particular group, but I can’t say that for sure.

As I was leaving the picnic, I overheard one of them shout to another, “Die honorably!”  I suspect that the target of the yelling was one of two young men who was running, at least at that moment, away from the group.  Chaotic as it was, they did seem to be enjoying themselves.

The writer in my brain wanted to watch longer, and in more detail.  I often need to see or experience the physical action of my stories, and I suspect that this would be the perfect type of group to work with for imagining fights and possible even battle scenes.  I’ll have to do a little research to find out more about the local group and keep the idea in mind as I continue rebuilding Butterflies.