I spent most of today cleaning my apartment. (Since that’s what I worked on, that’s what I’m writing about.  If you don’t want to hear about it, you may want to skip today’s post. :))  I have company coming tomorrow (Mom and Dad!) and I wanted to make the space presentable.

Okay, maybe I was going for more than presentable.  I did have a couple of moments were I thought, “Wow, I’m going for Grandma Clean here!”

Perhaps that statement needs some clarification.

When I was a kid, we had two standards of clean in our house.  We had the everyday clean, which included clutter being put away and surfaces being wiped down, to make the house look and smell nice for those of us who lived there.  My sister and I may not have been very good at this, so I suspect the place was messier than Mom would have liked most of the time.  We did, however, manage to get it to this state on a fairly regular basis, at least that I remember.

Then there was Grandma Clean. This was the standard when Grandma was coming for a visit, and it was a much higher standard than everyday clean.  Wiping surfaces didn’t cut it here.  No, this meant scrubbing corners in the bathroom, dusting every shelf in my room (and I had a lot of shelves, with a lot of knickknacks), and even cleaning the shower!  (My sister and I were usually responsible for cleaning the hallway bathroom, so most of these memories are laced with bathroom cleaner scent.)  Of course, this is the clean that we should have had all the time, but in a busy life with messy kids, a few times a year for Grandma’s visits was probably about what we could manage.

Today I did the details – using the vacuum attachments to get into edges, moving furniture to get to the carpet, dusting, and yes, cleaning the shower.  As it was when I was a kid, this kind of deep clean isn’t something I can manage on a weekly or monthly basis, but it is nice to get it Grandma Clean from time to time.