The Benefits of Saying Nice Things

Do you know that saying, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?”  It seems like most people do the opposite; if they had a bad experience, most people will let you know, but if they enjoyed themselves or generally have a positive reaction to something they don’t often tell the person(s) responsible.

Recently I’ve tried to make it a point to tell people when something goes right, and I’ve discovered there is a benefit to saying something nice.  In addition to the interesting response to my fan letter the other day, I had another experience that reinforced this.

I get vegetables weekly from a local farm as part of a CSA program.  (I mentioned this a few days ago in another post.)  On Saturday when I went to pick up my stuff, I told the owner of the farm that I’ve been having a lot of fun finding new recipes and playing in the kitchen.  Her response was to ask me if I like to write, and if I might be willing to write  down what I do with the veggies so she can share it in the newsletter that goes out to the CSA participants.

Of course the answer to the first part was yes, I do like to write, and I told her that I could certainly give it a shot if she wanted me to share my veggie experiences.  If she likes what I write, she’ll give me credit in the newsletter!

This will obviously depend on me writing it, and her liking it, so nothing may come of the offer.  But if it does, what a cool opportunity!  And all because I said something nice.  🙂

Blogging After Midnight

As I was leaving my apartment yesterday for my birthday evening plans, I realized that I had not yet blogged for the day.  For half a second I thought about writing something, but my process takes a bit more time than I was willing to commit when I was already leaving later than planned.  (Thanks for breaking at the best possible time, kitchen sink.  Nothing like cleaning up a giant wet mess on your birthday!)

One of my friends suggested that I just write when I got home.  While I acknowledged the suggestion, I knew it wouldn’t work.  Why?  Partly because it was likely that I wouldn’t be in the right frame of mind for writing after celebrating, but mostly because I suspected I wouldn’t be home before midnight.

If you post something after midnight, it counts for the next day.  Thus, even if I had been in a writing mood when I got home (which I most definitely wasn’t – I was in a crash and sleep mood), it wouldn’t have helped anyway.

So I made it 9 days into my goal before I missed a day.  Today I’ll post two (again, doesn’t really count, but it’s good practice) and do my best to avoid missing any more!