A Short One

I am working very, very late tonight.  Real-world job takes priority over writing.

To keep you entertained, here are links to a few of my posts from July 2010.  🙂  It is likely that you haven’t read them before, or that you’ve forgotten them.  It was three years ago, after all.

The Tale of Two Princesses, a story I made up as I told it to two little girls

Playing with Words, about different ways of writing the same dialog

Here’s one about turning a friend into a mermaid, for the sake of my novel

And, to finish, the brief tale of my Cursed SASE

I’ll be back to normal tomorrow (I hope), and Saturday is my birthday.   MONKEY BISCUITS!  I forgot the Birthday Challenge AGAIN!  Too late now, I suppose.

Oh, well.  There’s always next year!