Monkey Biscuits

I want to write a character who frequently uses a weird phrase.

I’m thinking specifically of the frustration phrase – that set of words you utter in frustration when you are three blocks from work and remember that important thing you were supposed to bring (which is still sitting at home) or which you mutter in irritation when you drop an egg on the kitchen floor because you were dancing.

Some people in these situations use phrases that include expletives.   I’m thinking of things like “son of a twitch” or “piece of snit.”  Others (hi Mom!) use expletive-replacements, like “oh, shoot” or “crap.”  Me?  Well, I’m a bit odd.  My frustration phrase has evolved over the years, through various strange iterations.  “Monkey biscuits” is the current version.

No, it’s not poop.  It’s food.

Regardless, tonight I had a “monkey biscuits” moment when I remembered a task that was still unfinished.  (As of this writing, it remains incomplete, but I will remedy that once the post is done.)  That got me thinking about the things my characters say.  I am sure there is someone who can have the opportunity to let a strange frustration phrase slip.  Hopefully it will be around others, who can react with appropriate surprise.  Or maybe they’ll behave as if it’s no big deal, which might be more fun!