Incomplete Thoughts

As I was pondering a post for tonight, my initial thought was to do some writing practice.   The only problem was that I had two competing ideas.  Additionally, both were incomplete.

There was a weird sound outside when I walked the dog, so I thought it would be fun to do an auditory scene description for a change.  I even started it in my head as Eli did his business, but the weird sound disappeared before I could really describe it.  I won’t totally discard the concept of an auditory scene – sound can be challenging to put into words, and I think it would be a good exercise for me.  But the “weird sound” idea got tossed, due to the abrupt lack of weird sound.

When I came back inside, my apartment smelled like bacon.  (I made a fancy CSA BLT for dinner tonight.)  Food is another one of those things that can be tricky to describe, particularly the tastes of things.  Most of the time it comes across as a recipe, or a description on the Food Channel.  Once again I thought this might be a good post; some practice describing food could be good for me.  This time I don’t have a good reason for the incompletion.  My brain simply got as far as “the bright green of the pesto was startling against the rich brown pumpernickel” and stopped.

Of course, when you have an incomplete idea as an author, just quitting and using the experience as a blog post (like I did tonight) isn’t going to cut it.  There have been plenty of times that I’ve buckled down and made myself finish the scene, or done one of my usual idea-flow activities (like hiking or showering) to help figure it out.  If the idea is only partially formed because I am tired or distracted, I will set it aside and come back to it.  Eventually, though, the thought needs to be completed.

Fortunately, as this was simply meant to be writing practice, I don’t have to be so strict with myself.  And who knows?  Maybe one or both will lead to a post for tomorrow!