The Dance Bug

One of my non-writing creative outlets is dance.

I danced in performance companies in high school and college, and even took classes when I was first out in the real world.  But due to a whole variety of reasons, I haven’t taken a dance class in a long time.

Recently I found a local dance studio that looks promising.  (I drove by it a couple of times and was curious, so I found them online.)  Based on their website, I think the owner’s philosophy of dance is similar to mine.  As a bonus, they offer adult classes!  I’m not going to commit to anything yet, but I am planning to give one of the classes a try when it starts in the fall.

Of course, thinking about dance means I have been bitten once again by the dance bug.  My brain hasn’t come up with choreography in a long time (at least, not large-scale, multi-person choreography) but tonight while I showered it started again.  Now, I am well aware that there is a huge difference between taking one class and choreographing performance pieces.  I think this is simply a case of opening a door that has been closed for a while and having everything fall out!

Choreography or no, I am excited at the possibility of dancing again!


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