Finding Flaws

After reading yesterday’s post, I have come to the conclusion that I can still improve my ability to describe visual details.

Granted, that is the point of all my “writing practice” posts; if you go back and check them out, they are almost all related in some way to visual description.  I’m not a visual person, and most of the time I have to put in way more effort to picture one of my characters than to get to know their voice and personality.  I don’t even picture the characters of others while I read, as I have mentioned before.

Yesterday’s post was a little different; I actually had a clear image in my head when I started.  That’s probably why it’s more frustrating than usual to read through it and realize that I missed some things.  What, you ask?

Well, first of all, where are her hands?  I mention that she doesn’t lift them to tame her hair, but are they at her side, wrapped around her, holding something?  Annoying.

I’d also like to add that my original image of her included a shawl.  In fact, I had pictured the shawl; white, with an open weave, and wrapped around her shoulders with one end caught in the breeze.  Where was the shawl?  It didn’t even make the description!

It helps to remind myself that it is practice, and that’s what practice is for.  Hopefully in the future I can make my descriptions a bit more complete.