A Sharply Worded Letter

I started drafting a letter last night.

I write a lot of letters.  I find they are a great way to vent my emotions, particularly when I am angry or upset.  I’ve also written a couple that I considered sending, but on the advice of some trusted friends chose in the end to leave them on my computer.

This current letter, however, is not one that I wanted to write.

The letter in question is intended for someone who doesn’t want to help me in any way and addresses a situation that the recipient needs to remedy.  (Yes, I am being intentionally vague at the moment.)  It will go through several drafts and be reviewed by many sets of eyes before it is ever sent.  And unfortunately it will have to be sent.

It isn’t fun writing, but it is still writing.  I am taking my time, choosing my words with care, and considering how much to share and how much to simply imply.  I am not the type of person who willingly does things I don’t enjoy – procrastination is one of my vices – but in this case I am putting in the time to get the thing done.

I really hope it works.