Free Writing

Tonight I used a journaling technique called free writing, which I will explain more at the end of the post.

I have red toenails.

This is not usual for me.  In fact, the only reason that my toes are red is because when I took off the polish from my sister’s wedding, I wanted to re-paint my nails.  The only polishes that I own are a blue that is remarkably similar to the color I was removing and red.  So I went with red.

The only reason I even own red is because of a New Year’s Eve party/performance I went to a couple of years ago.  I wore a snazzy red dress and open-toe shoes, and given the company and setting I needed my toes to look good. So I bought red polish to match the dress.

In fact, a couple of weeks after that we were at Disney World.  Red is so unusual for me that my mom noticed and commented on them on the way to the pool.  After I explained why they were red, she was surprised (in a good way) that I had polished them myself.  Apparently I had done a good painting job.  This time they don’t look as good.  In fact, it’s probably time to remove the polish.

I think I’ll go back to blue.   It will match more of my clothing, which is dominated by cool colors.

Free writing was taught to me by my favorite high school English teacher.  She encouraged us (or assigned us, whichever) to keep a writing journal daily.  When we claimed we didn’t have anything to write, she told us just to write whatever came to mind.  “I hate this assignment” or “abcdefg” or anything that appeared was valid, as long as our hands were writing.  Tonight’s post is a form of that; in the shower I noticed that my nails were red, and so I just followed where my mind wandered.  Other than typing down my thoughts, this has not been edited in any way; that’s the concept of free writing.


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