Self Portrait 1

It’s hard to describe yourself, especially from memory.  Here is my first attempt, with a few visits to the mirror for assistance.

Her dark, chocolate hair was pulled back into a careful ponytail, the ends just brushing the top of her collar.  A few stray pieces near her face caught the breeze, but didn’t catch her attention.  Dark brows had been expertly trimmed, but not recently.  Unconcealed by makeup, the tone of her skin betrayed inconsistent and unintentional sun exposure, but save one or two small blemishes her face was clear and smooth.  Her nose and chin were of a size and shape to fit with her features, and rarely elicited mention.  Her mouth, too, was unremarkable, at least until she smiled.  A grin would reveal neat, white teeth and never failed to reach her eyes.

It was her eyes that drew attention and comments.  Framed by dark lashes, they were large and clear, and a blue that was vivid in any light but striking when they caught extra color from her clothes or the background.  Observant and aware, her eyes always carried a hint of intelligence, and sparkled when she was amused.

She considered her eyes to be her best feature.



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