Seven Sentence Sequel

Check out the Seven Sentence Story for the first part of this tale.

She had been sitting just long enough for anxiety to eclipse anger when an average looking man appeared in her peripheral vision.  Snapping her head around, she got a good look at him as he raised his right eyebrow.

“A clever one; this could be interesting,” he said, quietly enough that she suspected he was talking to himself.

She sat, stunned, and watched him unlock her ankle manacles before she found voice enough to ask, “What’s going on here?”

He freed her wrists, a slight smile on his face, before he stood and replied cryptically, “You should know that he does not want maidens for food, but he does crave their attention.”

She must have seemed utterly confused, for he added, “We’ve come to collect you for your year of service.”

“Who-” she started to ask, but the word died on her lips as a huge, scarlet dragon lifted into the air behind him.


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