Writing Practice

She stared at the mattress, hugging a pillow and lost in thought.  She’d owned a big bed before, shared with another, and slept in much larger beds for a night or two away.  This time, however, was the first time the entire queen belonged to her.  Freshly delivered, wrapped in crisp sheets, she was pleased with the purchase but left with a decision.

Where she slept tonight would start a habit and set a precedent.

There was nothing to say that she couldn’t change sides, of course, if her decision proved unpleasant, and of course she would move without thinking in her sleep.  But human nature being what it was, she was likely to repeat her behavior tomorrow and for many nights following.

As these thoughts danced in her head, a comment from a friend floated by.  Albeit spoken in jest, it held a shine of truth, and suddenly her decision was made.  She began piling pillows onto the bed and pulling back covers.  Once her nest was sufficiently fluffed, she flipped off the light and snuggled in.

She closed her eyes and smiled in the dark, resting in the very middle of the mattress.

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