A Preference for Books

My local library does not have the fourth book of Wheel of Time in book form.

The audiobook is available, as is an electronic book.  There just isn’t a physical, actual book available for check out.

I really want to read it as a book.  I like holding them, I like the physical feel of having them in my hand, and I like the act of turning pages.  (You can also read a book during takeoff on a plane!)  To be honest, I haven’t tried an e-reader, which means I technically can’t say that I like books more than e-books.  This could have been the moment that encouraged me to give it a shot – in fact, a friend offered to loan me her Kindle for book four – but my library offers inter-library loan.  I opted to wait for the book, at least for now, although if I get really impatient I may take her up on the loan offer.

Do you prefer books or e-reader?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. deshipley
    Jul 09, 2013 @ 21:42:27

    Haven’t bothered with an e-reader yet. I’m too fond physical books. I won’t say “never”, but I’m definitely saying “not now”.


  2. Tammy J Rizzo
    Jul 10, 2013 @ 00:03:20

    For me, it depends on where I am, where I’m going to be, what book it is and how familiar I am with it, and whether or not I want to schlep along a book with me. For reading at home, I prefer a physical book, because I grew up with the things and nothing can replace the smell of an old, much-read book, or the feel of the page under your fingers. I usually have a book or two at my bedside to just pick up and read at night.

    If I’m out and about, though, I would much rather travel light, so I have loaded several books on my phone, so I can read and/or listen wherever I am (including in the toilet). While there is not the physical sensation of holding a book, the story is still there, and if it’s interesting enough, I still lose myself in it, seeing not the words on the screen, but the ‘movie’ of the book behind the words. The images painted by the words still play behind the words on the screen, and the world around me still disappears. It only takes a few minutes for me to forget what I’m reading on, if the story is a winner, and simply READ.

    If you love books because they waft the perfume of paper and ink and glue, sensual things to be carefully handled and physically delighted in, then don’t bother with an e-reader – it’ll never get you off. However, if you love books because they are magic portals to other places and people, then an e-reader (or a reader app on your phone) will quickly cease to be alien and intrusive, and you’ll be able to enjoy your reading in so many more places!


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