A Story in Pieces

Mara’s story is currently in pieces.

This isn’t to say that it’s falling apart.  It’s simply the reality of starting with an existing story with the intent of expanding it.

I have pieces that are from the original version of Butterflies.  There are new chunks that I’ve written this year.  In a few places, I have notes or mini-outlines, and at least one scene is still sitting in my head.  And of course there’s the timeline on my wall.

A few of these pieces are complete; some are even put together with others.  Most of them are incomplete or need major revisions.  This is new territory for me.  I usually write in semi-chronological order, and when I do write chunks out of sequence, they are single pieces that can be tied in fairly easily later.

I think that the disconnected nature of this project is making it more work, which in turn makes me procrastinate more than I should.  Like I said, it’s the nature of the project, and I just need to push through.


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