No excuses, but perhaps some explanation

Hello, all of my lovely readers and followers out there.  You may have noticed that my near-daily posting has dwindled in recent weeks.  First, I need to apologize if I have let you down or disappointed you.  Second, I’d like to share a little bit about why.

While I am still not going to tell you where I work, you will need some more details if you are to fully grasp the situation.  I am a supervisor, running a department of three full-time and one part-time staff.  (I also have four summer seasonal staff who will be starting next week.)  Since mid-February, I’ve had an open full-time position that I’ve been working to fill – it’s a process – as well as having to hire my seasonal staff around the same time.

We hit our busy season in April, and being a person down means that I’ve had to fill in on a regular basis in place of that staff member.  We also had someone out sick for a week, and then another person out injured the following week.  My schedule is supposed to be 8-5, but I’ve been going in between 7:30 and 7:45 and not getting home until 6:30 or later (sometimes MUCH later) nearly every day.  This is because I am still doing my own job, as well as a large amount of another person’s job.  The new person will be starting soon, but there will still be a span of time for training before I will be able to return to doing just my own work.

Now, before this gets too far down the path to pity, I want to clarify that I do still LOVE my job and no one has asked me to increase my hours.  In fact, if I asked, my boss would probably push back a couple of my deadlines to relieve some of my workload.  No, I am not complaining.  These are also not excuses for not blogging.  These are simply the real reasons behind the lack of posts, which is the top layer of the deeper challenge: a lack of writing.  I have not worked on Mara’s story (even mentally), query letters, or anything else writing-related since we hit the busy season.  Work has consumed my brain.

I am going to try to continue posting as regularly as I can, but the outlook for work is very busy until the middle of next month at least.  It would be easier if I could post about work, since I do quite a bit of writing there as well, but this is as close as I’ll get to the separation of work and blog.  Please bear with me; I know that an empty blog is a boring blog, and I’m not intentionally leaving you without posts!


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