Back and… well, not rested, but at least back

It’s the first day of May, and I said I would return to the world of blogging.

Like all breaks, this one would have benefitted from a little bit more time.  I didn’t end up getting to rest my brain as much as I would have liked, and I really did very little writing-related stuff, but at least I spared you from the drivel that would have poured out of my ears during that time.  (I was a touch stressed last week…)

Here’s where everything stands:

Query Count 2013: Rejections: 6, Pending: 0, Still to Send: 4.  That’s right, I haven’t sent any query letters while on my break.  But if the goal is ten, and I’ve gotten six at the beginning of May, I’m somewhat ahead for the year.

The only update I have about the Butterflies overhaul is that the timeline fell off of the wall.  Nothing exciting, but I have been turning to Mara and her tale to help quiet my brain when work-related noise won’t leave me be.  I have a couple of ideas now that I hope to write up soon.

And what about the two big work projects?  I got one completed, and the other one is barely started.  The first project took longer than anticipated, plus we’ve had a round of sickness and injuries in my office, which meant I had to pick up tasks for a few of my team.  At least I made the deadline for project one, and the project two deadline was extended.  (It’s nice when you’re the one setting the deadline…)

I should be getting back to normal (maybe) so hopefully I can get back in the swing of things!  (Thank you again for your patience!)


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